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Jackninja5 made many jokes on Twitter. Starting from March 2, 2015, Jackninja5 has decided to make memes.


  • 28 June: "WTF might not always be a swear! It could mean "Win the For(k)""
  • 28 June: "All the words in world are now being used to be rude to someone! What happened to their original meanings? Soon the nicest word would be one"
  • 2 November: "I realised that it is ok to call a guy a dick but not ok to call a girl a cunt! They are both for their genitals! It should be fine!"
  • 2 November: "I like the words country, swank, snigger, stick and castle because I can say cunt, wank, nigger, dick and arsehole without people worrying"
  • 2 November: "You can prick your finger but you can't finger your prick"
  • 2 November: "The c word? Hmm! There are loads of c words and 5 of them are bad! So the c word could be cunt, cocksucker, clit, cornhole or choad!"
  • 2 November: "You pronounce "country" as "cunt-ree" but you pronounce "count" as "cownt"! Seriously what the hell!"
  • 2 November: "Something is NOT "fucking stupid" unless it is stupid penetration!"
  • 2 November: "Why was the cat too scared to cross the road? Because he was a PUSSYcat :P"
  • 2 November: ""I swear to God" Don't swear to God :P If you say "I swear to God" then I guess that means you are gonna say "fuck you, God" :P"
  • 2 November: "Santa Claus talking to three prostitutes: "Ho, ho, ho" :P"
  • 3 November: "If you are ugly, then you are safe from rapists :P"
  • 10 November: "Put cheese up your ass and then it will seem like a fart >:D"


  • 13 January: "Every child is special! Doesn't that sound offensive? They aren't special! They just haven't learnt yet :P"
  • 9 May: "I have been told to have sexual relations with myself (go fuck yourself) before! I can't, dumbass :P"
  • 22 September: "I saw in my "Who to follow" section that I should follow Tony Abbott.....HELL NO!"
  • 22 September: "Many people were surprised when they heard that Saddam Hussein had been hung. The word is "hanged" :P"
  • 29 September: "You can easily insult people who deaf and blind. So I can make fun of them and they can't do a thing about it >:P"
  • 29 September: "On September 11 2014, 9/11 could finally get a Wikia account :P"
  • 18 October: "How many birds were shot down by Russians? Well those birds were really passenger planes :P"
  • 25 October: "Euphemisms to me are dysphemisms. They hide the truth. "F-word" still puts "fuck" in a person's head. So don't f-word me :P"
  • 28 October: "On my trip to Turkey, I learnt how to hang a Greek :P"
  • 2 November: "People say Hitler wasn't a vegetarian...don't deny the only good thing about him :P"
  • 29 November: "The first man on the moon was actually from Hiroshima :P"
  • 2 December: "To my 1000 subscribers, thanks. I couldn't ask for better fans. It would hurt your feelings :P"
  • 8 December:
"Typical Aussie:
"#ArmenianGenocide Get over it
"#Anzac troops in Gallipoli: NEVER FORGET
  • 8 December: "Many say never forget 9/11...what kind of a guy do you think I am? I remembered the Holocaust and Hiroshima."


  • 10 January: "Now finally for a joke since most of my tweets have been very serious. Why did the H kill himself? Because the G had :P"
  • 6 February: "The amount of idiots are increasing...this is where an abortion is needed. :P"
  • 6 February: "Why'd we invade Iraq? I thought the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. :P"
  • 24 February: "I'm not smart. People are just very stupid :P"
  • 24 February: "Why is it called the Middle East when it is in Western Asia?"
  • 2 March: "In an Armenian Genocide documentary, it said the Armenians couldn't believe their government would do such a massacre...neither do they. C:"