South Park Theme Songs Seasons 1-17
Video #101
Date Added: September 29, 2013
Genre: Fan video
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South Park Theme Songs Seasons 1-17 is a video uploaded by Jackninja5 on 29 September, 2013. It is by far the most popular video by Jackninja5. It was Jackninja5's 101st video.


Jackninja5, being a South Park fan, had originally created a video with the theme songs from South Park from Seasons 1-16 but when Season 17 came out, he removed the video losing loads of views and uploaded this video. He has currently gained over 400 comments, over 400,000 views, over 3000 likes and over 100 dislikes. Popular comments being made include the unaired pilot theme song being considered "creepy" and the thoughts about what Kenny is saying in the theme songs due to his muffled voice from his jacket. It also caused Jackninja5 to gain so many subscribers during 2013 and 2014.


September 2014 Comment War Controversy

Jackninja5 replied to a comment telling people not to roleplay as a joke. Three weeks later, on 14 September, another user commented telling him to "get a ******g sense of humour." Jackninja5 replied: "I do have one. Have you seen my videos? I have one making fun of 9/11 for Pete's sake" which made things worse as the user replied: "Now that's just ******g stupid." Jackninja5 then caused greater controversy by saying "I only wish you were a passenger :P". The user replied: "Go kill yourself, you fucking terrorist. No one likes you, I bet your dad is also a terrorist and beats your mum am I right? Go fuck yourself, I'm not speaking to you." Jackninja5 then made two replies: " If I am a terrorist and you tell me to kill myself, you are putting yourself in danger because I could be a suicide bomber >:) And if you are not talking to me, get the fuck off my video you Nazi" and "Also, you must have Down syndrome, judging by how retarded and spastic you are. Yes, I am going down the road but it is not as bad as calling someone a terrorist". The user then said: "Now you're insulting people with down syndrome. You're clearly an ignorant selfish little shit, who needs to go to hell. Fuck off, I'm going to ignore you, sad lowlife. I can easily imagine all the hate you'll get now.". Jackninja5 replied: "Then get off my fucking video you retard. And I won't go to Hell because I am an atheist. I don't believe in fiction. But it is true about Down syndrome though, isn't it, mongoloid?"

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

See Israeli-Palestinian conflict controversies#2nd Comment War (December 3, 2014)

Jackninja5 had a brief comment war for his pro-Zionist views on December 3, 2014.


The video was blocked for copyright on January 18, 2015. The video was his most popular and he lost over 500,000 views.