Ninja5 Moves On
Ninja5 Moves On

Ninja5 Moves On

Video #172
Date Added: March 15, 2014
Genre: Criticism, message
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Ninja5 Moves On is a video by Jackninja5. It was uploaded on March 15, 2014.


OK Let's start

I have not uploaded a video since February 26, 2014! Mainly due to the fact that I had a problem with the internet! Also, I have school! Bloody school gets rid of everything! I have also been moving on a bit from YouTube as I just have no fucking ideas for new YTPs! My old ones that weren't uploaded got wiped off! Also, YouTube seems to have gotten more stricter and I feel that they are going to be mega-dicks so, to save my account, I decided not to get copyright strikes! I also am trying to get into university early so I won't have to put up with my annoying classmates! I will still be on YouTube watching videos and liking them of course! But I won't upload and, due to many conflicts happening when I do, I will stop commenting to prevent more fights with cunts! So, usually I would say "Fuck you" but not now, so long! Do watch my videos though! And I would recommend a channel called TheHogsOfWarKing! His YouTube Poops are sodding funny!



Jackninja5 had many reasons why he left:

  • He had internet troubles on his computer and had it restarted losing all of his YouTube Poops.
  • He had moved on from YouTube.
  • His Peppa Pig YouTube Poop, Daddy Pig Tries to Escape His Worst Nightmare: Exercise, was removed from YouTube.
  • He was focused on school work.
  • He had suffered depression.
  • He ran out of ideas.