Jackninja5 is a former Catholic and now an atheist but he still criticises religion.

In General

Jackninja5 finds religion, along with politics, to be one of his favourite things to satirise. He often makes comments on videos saying things like "religion is bullshit". His religious satire soon became prominent when he uploaded the YouTube Poop, The Fat Controller Converts to Atheism.

Thoughts on Christianity

Jackninja5 had thought of many Christians to be "religious nuts" due to amounts of homophobia, anti-Semitism and anti-atheism. He even made a video on it. He grew up in a Catholic primary school but since early-March 2014, he stopped believing in God and believed in Jesus with a different story. He often said "Am I the only sane Christian here?" on video comments when people complain about the mocking of Christianity. In June 2014, he stopped believing in Catholicism all together.

Thoughts on Judaism

Despite mocking most religions, Jackninja5 has been very fond of Jewish people and even complimented them on how smart they are. He also watches Holocaust movies in tribute to the losses of 6 million Jews and criticises Holocaust denial. He often dislikes the "Jewish deicide" as Jesus is Jewish himself.

Thoughts on Islam

Jackninja5 respects Muslims but at times he makes jokes on Muslim terrorism. However, in certain comments on 9/11 tribute videos, he pointed out that "this wouldn't have happened if religion hadn't existed".