Jackninja5 has and always have had a lacto-vegetarian diet.

Why he is a Vegetarian

Jackninja5 believes that eating animals is cruelty and "racism" against animals. He is a strict vegetarian as well.

Thoughts on Meat-Eating

Jackninja5 has always had a dislike to the food chain and people who eat meat and fish. He often thought of it as being animal cruelty and thought of many double entendres on the phrase "eating meat". However, he has never had another vegetarian as a friend and is the only vegetarian in his school.

Thoughts on Pescatarians

Jackninja5 thinks that pescatarians aren't real vegetarians and says they broke the code by eating fish. He thinks of them as "fishy".

Thoughts on Veganism

Jackninja5 has a distinct hatred of vegans as they don't eat dairy products. He thinks of milk to be "cow semen" and not really the cow itself. He often makes jokes by saying "filthy vegan" and he gets tired of people thinking vegans and vegetarians are the same thing.

Eating Disorder

Aside from vegetarianism, Jackninja5 has an eating disorder as he usually finds anything to eat due to phobia of getting sick or allergies. However, in 2013 and 2014, he is trying to overcome it as he is now but very slowly.