The Jackninja5 Wiki has a policy on biases and opinions. We try to keep it on a neutral point of view.

Can we share our opinions anyway?

You can share your opinion but not on articles. Jackninja5 can do so because he points out that it is his own opinion and not that it is fact. Besides, this is a wiki about him.

What about haters?

Don't diss the haters. This is a supporter of free speech even if it is against this wiki.

Religion is bullshit. Can we say THAT is false?

No. While this wiki is very secular, we don't just say that religion is wrong. Creationism must not be said to be wrong even if you believe it is.

What about Holocaust deniers or pro-slavery activists? Surely, their opinions shouldn't be told neutrally?

While those things may not sound nice and Jackninja5 doesn't agree with them, some of his opinions can be controversial as well. We try to stay neutral. We aren't gonna convert a racist. Views are views, no matter how offensive, we must not be biased to them on articles.

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