There is an important policy on language on this wiki. This wiki advocates freedom of speech so we have to make this to put some limits on in case it goes too far.


Swearing is allowed. You are free to use whatever words you'd like. However, with the context, be careful when using it. Do not intentionally use it to bully or attack other users.


Do not censor swear words on the pages unless the quotes have been bleeped. People may be offended but this wiki has referenced 9/11 jokes on some pages too and we don't censor that.

What about words like "nigger"?

Using ethnic slurs are alright but do NOT use them for racism. They are for quotes ONLY. However, you can use the words to refer to your own racial group if want but do NOT use any racism. Racist jokes are alright as long as you show you have no racist intentions at all.


While we do think pornography should be legal globally, do not upload pornographic pictures on this wiki. This wiki really only accepts images relating to the YouTube channel and he has not put any pornography on.

What about Muhammad? We can't show pictures of him.

We can show pictures of Muhammad but do take caution not to offend people with it. Do note that there has been problems with this before such as the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy in Denmark, the Innocence of Muslims video in the United States and most recently the Charlie Hebdo shooting in France. However, if you want to use this to upload something from "Everyone Draw Muhammad Day", you can.

Death/Terrorist threats

Do NOT under any circumstances make any threats relating to death or terrorism. You can't just tell someone "I am going to kill you" because that could actually be illegal in some countries. Terrorism will get you banned and maybe even your account disabled.

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