Jackninja5 (also known as Trainlover1999, Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls or Ninja5) (May 25, 1999-) is an Australian Internet comedian, sceptic and social critic. He is best known for his YouTube Poops and comments involving advocation of atheism, scepticism, freedom of speech and vegetarianism.


  • Subscribers: Over 1000
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  • 79.5% of fans are male. 20.5% are female.

Style of comedy

Jackninja5's humour is highly off-colour. He had usually made videos involving lots of profanity and sexual jokes like double entendres, causing controversy. He never stopped though. In 2014, Jackninja5's humour has gotten a lot darker and he even goes as far as making fun of rape, paedophillia, the disabled, HIV, the Holocaust, the September 11 attacks, Malaysia Airlines disasters and many others. He has now stopped with jokes on sex for a bit but he still uses the words "fuck" and "cunt" a lot. Jackninja5 hates politics and often satirises it in comments on videos. Jackninja5 also insults the audience on his video summaries and sometimes insults himself. Jackninja5 has also been known to criticise religion a lot as an atheist and often finds many devout Christians in comments and he usually battles them. Many have found his obscene humour and dark humour offensive (see #Controversies below).


Jackninja5 has watched many videos and YouTube Poops throughout the years and has finally decided to create a YouTube account on September 2012. He finally started making videos on September 22. He had been using the Talking Friends apps and Unnecessary Censorship app and soon he used iMovie to start making some YouTube Poops with WTLNetwork's swear pack.

He got loads of controversies about profanity on some of his videos. It lasted from 2012-2013.

In 2013, he made a lot of YouTube Poops and gained popularity after his South Park video. Many of his YouTube Poops contained jokes on sex, death and rape. On November 2013, Jackninja5's computer had internet issues causing him to return to Talking Tom videos and stop making YouTube Poops for a while.

As of February 23 2014, Jackninja5 returned to having an internet connection and found out about his Peppa Pig YouTube Poop being deleted, angering him. He later uploaded what he considers one of his best videos, The Jackninja5 Crapload. However, on March 15, 2014, he left YouTube for a bit due to many reasons. He soon returned uploading many more YouTube Poops but not as much as 2013. He had gotten into darker topics now and made jokes on the September 11 attacks, July 7 London Bombings, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappearance and religion.

October 2014 Comment War

Main article: October 2014 Comment War

On a Jimmy Carr 9/11 joke video, Jackninja5 had found someone talking against swearing so he said that "this is the internet. We all swear." Unlike the September 2014 Comment War, Jackninja5 lost the comment war and surrendered. However, it turned out to be a troll which Jackninja5 soon befriended.

Strike of 2015

Main article: Strike of 2015

Jackninja5's The Cuckoo Clock Hates George and South Park Theme Songs Seasons 1-17 got blocked globally, causing a strike made by him.


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Disparaging Comments

Jackninja5 usually comments on other videos, usually ones on stand-up comedy, Mock the Week or other YouTube Poops and often disparages some commenters that dislike the video. Jackninja5 also uses the words "fuck" and "cunt" a lot in the comments. Jackninja5 often insults politics and religion on comments and often finds many devout Christians in comments and he usually battles them. His comments have gained criticism in 2014 for jokes on the September 11 attacks and he has had several comment wars.



Around school and the Club Penguin Wiki in 2012, Jackninja5 was repeatedly told about how profane his videos were. Jackninja5 tried to get them to stop by telling them swearing was allowed on YouTube and if it didn't matter there, why would it matter on other places. This went on but in 2013, it finally stopped.

Peppa Pig YTPs

Jackninja5 had tried to upload Mr. Potato Cums, his first Peppa Pig YouTube Poop, but it was blocked globally as it was uploaded. He then uploaded it on SkyDrive.

In 2014, many YouTube users complained about Jackninja5's YTP called Daddy Pig Tries to Escape His Worst Nightmare: Exercise due to them disliking Peppa Pig. However, it got removed for inappropriate language.

On December 24, 2014, Jackninja5 had received a copyright strike for The Cuckoo Clock Hates George and had to go through copyright school. He decided to not upload any YTPs for six months afterwards and he would never make another Peppa Pig YouTube Poop.

September 2014 Comment War

On his most popular video, South Park Theme Songs Seasons 1-17, Jackninja5 replied to a comment telling people not to roleplay as a joke. Three weeks later, on 14 September, another user commented telling him to "get a ******g sense of humour." Jackninja5 replied: "I do have one. Have you seen my videos? I have one making fun of 9/11 for Pete's sake" which made things worse as the user replied: "Now that's just ******g stupid." Jackninja5 then caused greater controversy by saying "I only wish you were a passenger :P". The user replied: "Go kill yourself, you fucking terrorist. No one likes you, I bet your dad is also a terrorist and beats your mum am I right? Go fuck yourself, I'm not speaking to you." Jackninja5 then made two replies: " If I am a terrorist and you tell me to kill myself, you are putting yourself in danger because I could be a suicide bomber >:) And if you are not talking to me, get the fuck off my video you Nazi" and "Also, you must have Down syndrome, judging by how retarded and spastic you are. Yes, I am going down the road but it is not as bad as calling someone a terrorist". The user then said: "Now you're insulting people with down syndrome. You're clearly an ignorant selfish little shit, who needs to go to hell. Fuck off, I'm going to ignore you, sad lowlife. I can easily imagine all the hate you'll get now.". Jackninja5 replied: "Then get off my fucking video you retard. And I won't go to Hell because I am an atheist. I don't believe in fiction. But it is true about Down syndrome though, isn't it, mongoloid?"

November 2014 Comment War

See November 2014 Comment War for more information

Jackninja5 has had a comment war on a Jimmy Carr 9/11 video after being trolled by a guy who is now a good friend of his.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Comment Wars

See Israeli-Palestinian conflict controversies for more information

Out of all the comment wars and controversies he has received, Jackninja5's opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is by far the worst controversy he has ever received. He is a pro-Zionist and supports Israel in the conflict. He had been criticised for his comments on Palestine, including of how he denied it as a real state, with him replying constantly, "The Palestinians are the terrorists!".


See: JackthePVZMaster

On January 22, 2013, Jackninja5 had created a gaming channel for his games as he is also a gamer. The channel has over 100 subscribers.