Jackninja5 had many controversies over his opinions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He has been involved in two comment wars.

1st Comment War (November 22, 2014-December 5, 2014)

User: "As an Atheist, Does it astound you how Zionism is allowed to exist in the 21st century. It amazes me."
Jackninja5: "No. I'm not anti-Semitic actually. In fact, I am pro-Israel."
User: "How can you be an atheist and still condone the illegal occupation of a country with ''holy right'' as it's fundamental justification? FYI. Palestinians are Semites too."
Jackninja5: "But Palestine is not a country (anymore at least)"
User: "It sickens me that you would justify the illegal occupation of a country and the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people with such an asinine comment. It dos not nullify for a second the crimes of Israel.
That's rather like me burning you into ash and excusing my crime with ''oh he's no longer a person so it's ok''"
Jackninja5: "So it was alright what happened to the Native Americans by the white Americans and it was alright what happened to the Aboriginal Australians by the white Australians, but it is not okay for what the Jews did to the Palestinians?! And the Palestinians are the terrorists! Also, I deny many countries who aren't recognised by the UN to be countries. Taiwan is an exception."
User: "Wow, that has to be one of the most ignorant statements I've ever read. Where do i start.
'' it was alright what happened to the Native Americans by the white Americans and it was alright what happened to the Aboriginal Australians by the white Australians''
When did i say those examples where ''alright''? I condemn those events deeply. But that in no way excuses what is happening in Palestine today.
''And the Palestinians are the terrorists!''
Is that right? hundreds of thousands of woman and children are terrorists? That's a truly despicable remark. Even Israel admitted that the majority of their victims were civilians who were just trying to live their lives. I don't know where your bias is coming from but i assumed as an atheist you would sympathize to the human cost of Israel's crimes.
Palestine is recognized by the majority of the world."
Jackninja5: "For the first one, you make a good point.
Second one: I was not saying ALL Palestinians are terrorists. Obviously not all of them are terrorists. I do sympathise the crimes done to the Palestinians. What happened to them was indeed a tragedy. But I still support Israel in the conflict so if you find that a problem, tough shit."
User: "That doesn't make much sense. You're saying you sympathize with the crimes that have been inflicted on them and yet still support the criminals? You support a nation with thousands of innocent death on their hands? I'm talking babies and kids, pregnant woman and old people. That say's a lot about your moral compass"
Jackninja5: "That's funny because you support Palestine and they have done heaps of crimes too. So you can't talk."
User: "Heaps of crimes? Do Palestinians have the blood of ten's of thousands on their hands? Do Palestine bomb densely populated area's regardless of who lives there? Do Palestinian imprison and torcher hundreds of Israeli's? Do Palestinian's cut of the water supply to whole villages? I think not. It's there country that is occupied and you can't blame them for trying to resist tyranny. Do you regard the American revolutionaries as terrorists?
Compared to Israel, Palestine's transgression are incredibly small. Look at the death tolls. Palestine is being bullied by a nation backed by the most powerful country in the world. and Palestine doesn't even have a standing army. It's sad. Your either Islamaphobic or of Jewish descent so obviously you choose to ignore the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.. I say that because no unbiased Atheists would justify murder."
Jackninja5: "I am not Jewish or Islamophobic. However, you are just overlooking the fact that Palestine HAS done heaps of crimes. Now you say Israel has killed children. So has fucking Palestine! It was on the news a few months ago. They have been hostage taking, hijacking planes, throwing stones at Israelis, stabbing Israelis, shooting Israelis and bombing Israel. They even used children as suicide bombers. Compared to Israel, they are complete bastards. You are either Palestinian or anti-Semitic."
User: "Israel has inflicted all their crimes with whopping persistence and with devastating accuracy. Do you know how many children have been killed by Israel since 2000 that haven't even made it to a paper?
Stabbings? Are you seriously comparing knives to missiles? Missiles that kill hundreds indiscriminately every time they hit?
As for bombings, do you mind telling me how many bombings have occurred in Israel by Palestinians and i'll give you the same statistic from Israel? Let' see which is greater. When you have inferior forces, you use guerilla tactics, The American revolutionaries terrorized the British with guerilla tactics on many occasions.
"they use children as suicide bombers"
First of all, clarify who you're referring to when you say "they"? Are you referring to the thousands of innocents living in Gaza? You literally just said you didn't;regard every Palestinian as a terrorist and you're now saying they use children as suicide bombers while referring to all Palestinians.
Shooting Israeli's? Do you really want to go there? In a discussion about Israel's illegal occupation, do you really want to bring up shooting? I'll let you think about that.
The fact that you're even mentioning stone throwing indicates your incapability to produce crimes that can rival Israel's. I mean C;mon, stone throwing? These people have been subjugated to oppressive control after oppressive control and have been trying to liberate their country for at least half a century.. They've been killed, tortures, imprisoned, raped, and massacred for decades, and you criticize them for throwing stones? A people pretty much decimated by genocide and they're the bad guys for throwing stones?

Get a clue my friend.

I am not Palestinian. Both my Parents are Jewish, and they oppose the murderous state of Israel just as much as any moral person would. I love Jews, but oppose Zionism. They are not the same thing. Like i said, Palestinians are Semites too, so that would make you that anti-semite."
Jackninja5: "I oppose the murder Israel has done but that still doesn't mean they are the only bad guys. Palestine had also sent missiles to Israel and by "they" I meant Palestine. How could you not know that? It should be clear. I am not referring to all Palestinians. If I am, then you are referring to all Israelis. Israeli children are rapists?! They have done so many things to Israel that can be considered worse than what they did. Now I am done here. I refuse to listen to your bullshit now."

2nd Comment War (December 3, 2014)

Another comment war on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been made on Jackninja5's South Park Theme Songs Seasons 1-17 video.

User: "Shut up jew."
Jackninja5: "Close. I am an atheist but I am pro-Zionist"
User: "You're a terrible person and personally, I hope you die a slow and painful death. Fuck you. You fucking nazi."
Jackninja5: ""Nazi"? I said I'm a pro-Zionist and also what have I ever done to do you, you cunt?"
User: "You support going into a country and murdering millions of innocent citizens. I'm Jewish and I don't support Zionism. I've experienced what you fuckers have done to my friends. I once met a Muslim in Gaza before it was bombed. Next day I went back and he was dead. Zionism is fucking evil. I don't support any Nationalist movement. You are a Nazi, Nazism doesn't mean you hate Jews specifically. It means you want to commit fucking genocide on an entire race of people."
Jackninja5: "I don't support it and Nazism DOES mean you hate Jews. Also, Palestine has committed many attacks against the Jews in Israel."
User: "My god you're so fucking ignorant. Nazism isn't really about Jews, jews were used as a scapegoat by Hitler. The overall ideology of Nazism supports world dominance and ultranationalism. Along with the destruction of every different form of government.
You're implying that the terrorist acts are by the government. That's like saying ISIS represents Syria. Just because ISIS is based in Syria doesn't mean everything they do is because of Syria. You're also saying this as if these attacks were before the war. These attacks were a reaction to Imperialism by Israel and Britian.
You know why islamic extremists never attacked the Soviets when they were occupying? Because they weren't fucking killing people in masses. They did hate them, because they were foreign and atheists, but they didn't go around blowing them up. Even now to this day some countries do peacefully occupy the Middle East, yet they aren't being bombed. Yet for some reason Israel is being bombed. I would like to see some evidence of these bombings before Israel was trying to commit genocide."
Jackninja5: "ISIS is against the Syrian government though. And the Soviets were killing people in masses. Just not the Muslims. Israel had not committed genocide and they had to escape Germany from the Holocaust, which was a genocide. Also, it is just sad that you are saying that all Zionists commit genocide. The Jews had immigrated to Palestine and the Palestinians revolted so they started it."